MP-PAA Property and Facility Reservations

Welcome to the Middle Peninsula Chesapeake Bay Public Access Authority (MP-PAA) public water access and recreational land reservation system.   This site is intended to provide a new, innovative, mobile-friendly online recreational and facilities reservation and payment service for reserving hunting tracts, nature trails, public shoreline fishing, waterfowl hunting, crabbing, boat slips, and many other public outdoor recreational opportunities on MP-PAA lands.  We hope you enjoy what the Middle Peninsula has to offer.

PAA properties are waterfront.  For access to current Virginia tide information, visit USGS

Captain Sinclair’s Recreational Area on Severn River, below Whittaker Creek:  VDOT road occasionally floods. Any tide approaching 2.5 ft on the tide chart will put water on or over the road.


QUESTION: Is Sunday hunting of waterfowl on private or public lands permissible except for those places within 200 yards of places of worship or for which geogrpahical limitations are established by the Director?

ANSWER: Yes, as long as no other prohibition precludes hunting waterfowl under the circumstances existing at the time hunting occurs.


Please feel free to let us know how we may improve the system and make it more user-friendly. Please click on the Contact icon below to send us a message. Thank you for your patience as we work to improve this system.  

Please note that all transactions are final. There will be no refunds. 


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